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These days people are thinking about extra income despite their salaried or Self Employed status. There are many investment options around ranging from RD, FD, PPF, NPS etc. You might also have heard different terms like Stocks, Equity, Shares, IPO etc around your society or office, but are you aware about meaning of all these?  

सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रेरक हिंदी जीवन उल्लेख

इतिहास गवाह है, बुराई का अंत निश्चित है| हैप्पी दशहरा का मतलब अपने अंदर की बुराई खत्म करना है| अगले साल तक भूल न जाना|

Did you actually buy anything in "The Big Billion Days Sale"?

Flipkart is another giant player in the Indian e-commerce, and along with Myntra (Specially for clothing), it is way ahead than Amazon when we talk about "The Clothing Sale". Everyyear, people wait a lot for this sale to spend their savings in the right way. This year they got a chance to save their savings, as you know from the previous post, the sale started early this year than expected or you can say in an unexpected time.


Amazon & Flipkart need to sync with Indian Festivals

E-commerce has changed the way we shop and this is the case in many countries. Every country has their own best selling websites, however when we talk about India then Amazon & Flipkart are the top selling companies. There are other new players as well, but would take time to be the major ones

Every year the Amazon's Great Indian Festival Sale & Flipkart's Big Billion Days come around Dussehra or Diwali


Even I like to write at times :)

People Have Different Expertise


Basic Active Directory Interview Questions-Answers For Freshers

Microsoft is a huge name in the industry and youngsters prefer to work in the company. Once upon a time, it used to be my dream to work in Microsoft but not any more, atleast nothing apart from Network Security. If you wish to work for MS in India and not a developer then also you have plenty of option and one being an AD admin or Support Specialist.

Smriti Irani's CCTV Case Should Boost Jabong's Business

Clothing is one of the part of shopping that many individuals like to do including me. I had done shopping from almost every market of Apni Delhi but later on I was only a consumer at Tibetan market, which is famous as Monastery. Gradually the supply of clothes and the designing standard have decreased in Monastery as well and I was in great need of an alternative.

My Red Hat Certification Exam Experience Would be Helpful For Many

Redhat is a brand name when it comes to Linux though every user has their own choice. There are multiple distros available in the market but Redhat is the only one, providing a certification journey. Redhat certifications are very much in demand by the corporate and the clients as well who outsource their work to many project based companies.

Need Some Exclusive Fb Status Updates? You can use mine

1) Love should be blind, dekhkar toh gadhe bhi chalte hain (even donkeys watch their path) ;)

2) One should not trust anyone blindly (specially girls should not trust anyone easily), but if you trust someone then you should trust blindly.

3) Dosti dono taraf se nibhai jaati hai, ek taraf se sirf khanapoorti hoti hai aur khane ki poorti karne ka time mere paas hai nahi.

Do You Wish to be A Computer Security Researcher ?

I have seen many people asking on the internet that how one can be a hacker and I always wondered why people don't want to be at the security side? To be very frank, even I don't know how one can be a hacker and why one become so to live a life in hidden world, when one rarely gets a life to live. I have also seen many people willing to know the learning path to be a Security Researcher & hence sharing the same even if its endless.