Smriti Irani's CCTV Case Should Boost Jabong's Business

Clothing is one of the part of shopping that many individuals like to do including me. I had done shopping from almost every market of Apni Delhi but later on I was only a consumer at Tibetan market, which is famous as Monastery. Gradually the supply of clothes and the designing standard have decreased in Monastery as well and I was in great need of an alternative.

For electronics and other stuff, I already rely on Amazon for the products and great customer service. The same way, I was in need of a clothing store and thanks to my friend Amit Tushir who increased my confidence to try out Jabong. Initially, I was hesitant to use the online portal as I do not have time to get involved in the hectic process of returns and refunds with so called big shopping portals.

I gave it a try and since then, I have been a regular customer of Jabong. Now, I rely heavily on Jabong & Amazon for my stuff. There were companies before as well but I had a bitter experience with so I was reluctant to use either of them before the release of Amazon India.

When you go to a local store then the shopkeeper greets you well, you inquire about a product then he greets you greatly. But when you check the product, ask queries, want to see more colors or types then they get annoyed as if they just go and buy any product. When you talk more about the product, want to get some discount then they get frustrated and at times don't behave in a decent way as if they don't do the same while buying anything.

Whenever I visit a retail store say Chroma or Vijay Store to buy a product then obviously I need to ask about the product, I need to know more about it, the way it functions and what are the best practices to use it. If I ask about 3-4 different products to fit my need then the sales guys behave in such a way that they have that product in their place or if they simply go and buy an AC, TV or any electronics item without any query.

And when it is the time of return or refund because of anything then they make so many excuses like the product is fine, its just a doubt that customer has etc etc. At times they behave in such a way as if they don't remember the customer or if they never had the product in their stock and because of all such things the overall Indian market is at the verge of change.

I hope most of you know that last Diwali, most of the shopping had been done via online portals because of heavy discounts. I strongly believe that the customer service and the above mentioned points also drive people including me to do online shopping instead of visiting a local store.

One can research online, gather more information about the product, get multiple opinions for the product be it the good or the bad. Once satisfied then we order a product online. If we don't like the product because of any reason then the return is just a call away.

We all know that girls are not safe in any part of the world. Many shops have been found with such hidden cams in their changing room. You will find plenty of MMS over the internet which have been recorded with the help of hidden cameras in trial room or another sort of places. The local store business is already dying and such incidents happening around are killing the local store business like anything.

Recently, it happened with HRD minister Mrs. Smriti Irani and a case has been filed immediately. However, many girls don't get to know about such cams and such hidden cameras ruin their life like anything. They don't register complains and even if they wish to then also no one takes them seriously. If they wish to fight for justice then people ask them to remain quiet. I hope now the government will take strict action against such incidents and reports. Government knows if things will continue to work this way then no one is safe, be it the normal people or The Ministers.

Might be, because of such hidden cameras, I never took trial in any shop. I simply go, select the stuff and buy it without a trial. And now as I have already switched to Jabong then I rarely visit the Bhutia Market ( It is also famous by this name apart from Tibetee Market) as I was not getting the stuff I used to get in the market without doing any bargaining (Initially when it started then there used to be a fixed price rule in the market which was quite good).

I thing people who buy and wear branded stuff, specially girls should head towards Jabong as well. People can view multiple products without any interference and can order the same to be delivered at their place. If the size doesn't fit or they don't like the product then a simple call is enough to get the product returned. Most of us have regular internet connection on our smart devices be it the computer or the mobile so you can return the product via website too.

As per my experience, here are the top 10 reasons to use Jabong. These reasons are only for Jabong/Amazon and not for any other online portal as I don't use/trust either of them. Recently, I dared to try PayTM though got one of the worst experience of my life which I will share in another post with you. So, here comes the list:

1) Browse as much products you wish, be it anytime of the day.

2) You get multiple products on one site though a single store can't keep this much variety and you can't visit every store in the city.

3) You can compare products from different companies at one place.

4) Modify your cart multiple times however people at the store get annoyed for the same.

5) Huge discounts on multiple products.

6) You can buy at any time of the day.

7) Hassle free returns that too multiple times.

8) You don't have to go anywhere, neither for shopping nor for returns.

9) You can shop from your office as well

10) Minimal human intervention hence less headache followed by good Customer Service.

So, to avoid different sort of annoying people (to whom a customer including me can be annoying as well) I prefer to use Jabong and recommend the same. After such cam incident, people should be aware of the trial rooms as it keeps on happening every now and then. Everyone can't spot the hidden cam as Mrs. Smriti Irani did and one needs to be damn careful while using public rooms that have open access.

Do you have any other shopping experience? Either good or bad that you would like to share with others then feel free to comment below :)

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