I Am Still Expecting Someone From Dell To Come & Collect The Hard Drive

Dell is my favorite company, when it comes to desktops & laptops and most probably for servers as well they would be the same. Being one of my favorite companies, I have worked with Dell India in the support department and know that the working environment is awesome too.

Dell After Sales Service

When I was a Dell employee then I was allowed to order 3 laptops in a year for my friends or relatives and I actually did that. One of my friend's laptop that I got for him, started giving issues last year as it was hardly reading any optical media. As it was under warranty so I called Dell support to fix the things and they replaced the optical drive without any issues. After some time we started facing hang issue and after running diagnostic tests with the support people, we found out that there are hard drives error along with issues in motherboard.

The support people told me that both will be replaced but as I had not taken any backup of my friend's PC so I asked them to replace the motherboard and I would call again for the hard drive. After few days when I took the backup of the hard drive, I called up support again and as usual without any issues they sent and replaced the hard drive. They confirmed the resolution and told me that someone would come to collect the faulty hard drive (Though the drive was not exactly faulty and after erasing the data from it, I used it to keep few extra files waiting for someone from Dell to collect it).

Its been more than a year but no one from Dell has come to collect the hard drive. They did a wonderful service but as I do not wish the company's loss at any cost and not even a penny so I am still waiting for someone to come and collect the hard drive. I would have called support to inform the same but as in many companies the calls get leaked out (because of malicious employees) and someone else comes to collect and misuse such parts so I did not call anyone and writing here. I don't think it happens in Dell but as I have seen this with another big computer manufacturer so don't want do take the risk.

Though I am not working with Dell anymore but still it is my favorite computer company and I love it for its awesome products moreover the awesome support and service. Whenever someone asks me that they wish to buy a laptop or desktop then I simply refer Dell as I know how well they work (Atleast one recommendation in a month). One of my another friend got a complete new laptop as its old laptop was under warranty and the parts were not available for it. So you now what to buy from now onwards or if you have such awesome experience with any other company then do let us know via the comment form below :)

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