Need Some Exclusive Fb Status Updates? You can use mine

1) Love should be blind, dekhkar toh gadhe bhi chalte hain (even donkeys watch their path) ;)

2) One should not trust anyone blindly (specially girls should not trust anyone easily), but if you trust someone then you should trust blindly.

3) Dosti dono taraf se nibhai jaati hai, ek taraf se sirf khanapoorti hoti hai aur khane ki poorti karne ka time mere paas hai nahi.

Janhit mein jaari.

4) If you think of a profit out of love or any relation then you get nothing in your life.

AAU (Author As Usual wink emoticon )
Neeraj Rawat

5) Don't know where exactly we are heading but ye duniya बद से ब्द्तर hoti jaa rahi hai. I wish everyone lights up the good inside and kills the devil.

There is a world which everyone has forgot. Be nice to yourself and everyone else, even to unknown, apart from being Selfish and running after Money.

6) The truth is everyone wants (at least would like to, if given a chance) to be an Entrepreneur but the reality is everyone can't be an Entrepreneur. Fortune is many become Entrepreneur but the fact is only few remain an Entrepreneur, forever.

7) I wonder why people are so crazy about opening an NGO or being the owner of one. Do we need any approval to do good work or charity?


They just want to get benefit in return which they can't earn??

8) There is a hell loads of difference in Love Marriage and True Love .

9) Shaadiyan 3 tarah ki hoti hain:

1) Arrange Marriage
2) Love Marriage
3) Dahez Marriage

The success of the initial 2 depends upon the Bride & the Bride Groom. Third one can never be successful as it depends upon the amount of token money and greed has no satisfaction, better avoid the third one in any case. Aur waise bhi dahez lene walon se ache mujhe Bhikhari lagte hain kyonki wo pade likhe nahi hote.

10) The more you care for animals, the more they obey you.
The more you care for humans, the more they betray you.

AAU (Author As Usual)
Neeraj Rawat

11) It does not matter if anyone is there with you or not, at the time of crisis. The only thing which matters is, if you are with yourself or not ;)'

AAU (Author As Usual wink emoticon )
Neeraj Rawat


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