My Red Hat Certification Exam Experience Would be Helpful For Many

Redhat is a brand name when it comes to Linux though every user has their own choice. There are multiple distros available in the market but Redhat is the only one, providing a certification journey. Redhat certifications are very much in demand by the corporate and the clients as well who outsource their work to many project based companies.

Redhat Certification Exam Experience

You should read my experience about a Redhat Institute here before enrolling anywhere to stay interested in Linux. I wish, if like other vendors Redhat starts conducting the exam without the need of enrolling with their training partners. If I can prepare on my own for a Redhat Certification then why to waste time with their authorized training partners who assume to be the owner of Redhat.

Anyhow, I believe that you have read the link shared above so here it goes from there when I prepared for the exam, myself. I created a virtual lab with three VMs, you can use VirtualBox or VMware as per your choice. Ok, lets assume you are new to Linux and even don't know the procedure to install Linux. You can refer this link to follow the Step-by-Step guide to install Linux.

I created a Virtual Machine and then copied it somewhere in my Computer to use multiple times. I created a lab setup with three machines. A RHEL Client, RHEL Server and an Instructor machine. I used to practice on RHEL Client & RHEL Server, after which I used to delete them at the end of the day. Next day, I used to copy the fresh installation twice to practice again so that I could configure everything from scratch even the "yum install httpd".

If you have the setup ready then comes the "What 2 Practice Part"? You must have been taught multiple topics in your training and you can practice the commands or can make questions on your own to complete multiple topics. Please see the question below created by me which you can practice for your RHCSA paper:

1) Create a user neeraj with uid 678 and set password as wonderful. Another user rawat with password potter. Change the home directory of neeraj, the user id from 678 to 1000, Also change the login shell of rawat to nologin shell. Finally change the name of rawat as rocky.

2) Create a partition and then also create a swap space. Make sure that you permanently mount both of them. Then create an lvm of 5 GB and another lvm of 20 PE then resize the lvm to 8 GB and 3 GB respectively. Encrypt all the created partitions.

I wonder why trainers don't provide or give questions like this in training so that the students get a sharp hold on topics and command both. If you need more questions then you can Google the things for your exam and you will get plenty of practice questions.

My institute also asked me to carry the three books from Redhat on the exam day. I am glad as I know how to read English as it was written on the forms itself that one needs to carry the forms, only. So, I did not carry all the books and went with the forms. You can also cross check the things with your institute. Please do carry a government photo ID proof, a pen and a paper for the exam.

Once the exam starts, you get to sit at the computer assigned to you. There will be a virtual machine icon in your system and the invigilator will let you know the procedure to start it. You have to fill a form with your basic details. Whatever email address you write in the form, it will be used to send the result. You can enter a different email as well, something other than the one specified in your forms. I did use a different one after confirming the things from the invigilator.

He was a cool guy, answering all the queries of the candidates. Once RHCSA is done, you can go for a break. Invigilator will let you know about the timings for the RHCE as well. You can enjoy or get relaxed in the break (I enjoyed a coffee in the near by restro to get relaxed before RHCE, was able to score full marks in the later one).

Both of my exams were over by 4:30 PM and I got my result via email around 2:30 AM. I was quite happy as despite all the wrong doings of my institute, I was able to clear my RHCE at first attempt that too on my own with full marks. I would suggest all the guys to practice and practice as much as you can. Understand all the concepts thoroughly even if they were not covered in your RHCE training.

Even if I got my RHCE certification, I used to feel embarrassed in telling someone the same or getting involved in forums to discuss things related with Linux. I did not have that much confidence in running Linux the way I play with Windows. I could not even install all the softwares or could troubleshoot my VMs properly.

Then I started searching for things that I do in Windows, installed all the softwares that I use in Windows and now I can troubleshoot anything on Linux as well, atleast I can dare to do now (I earned my RHCE in Jan 2014 and writing this post now at the end of the year as now I can discuss Linux, the way I wished to). I am well trained on Windows Server and enhancing my skills on the same. Very soon, I will start doing all the things on Linux as well. Like how to play with OpenLDAP, DNS, DHCP, Load Balancing, Clustering, WSUS, WDS, RMS and Federation Server stuff. I would like to explore the way to perform the server stuff on Linux.

I have also started a Facebook page where I have shared almost all the topics of RHCE. You can refer the shared links there and can master the commands along with the theory. Just running a command without understanding the concepts can fetch you a certification but as per me its of no use as a certification is valid only for 3 years however your knowledge would be useful to you, all your life.

Please click here to visit the Linux Learning Links Facebook page

You can also let us know if you are aware of any page or link where the above mentioned server topics are covered from scratch. Topics should be covered in such a way that anyone can follow and perform the tasks by creating a lab setup.

I have also found a Youtube Channel by Mr. Rajnesh Kumar Siwal where he has shared many advanced topics rather the complete Certification series. I have not got the time to perform the steps mentioned in Videos though they seem quite helpful.

Friends, whatever comes on your way, simply never give up and keep on practicing. I wish you all best of luck for your certification exam. If you have any query or any doubt then feel free to let me know via comment form and will reply asap.

PS: I appeared for RHEL 6 certification which has been closed by Redhat. They are offering RHEL 7 certifications now, in which many new topics are added, so prepare accordingly.

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