About Me: Rise of the Fallen

Many of my online friends, readers and subscribers want to know about me as who am I, what I did and what I do so here is my story. My name is Neeraj Rawat, born and brought up in Delhi, natively from Uttarakhand.

I did my schooling in Delhi itself and after 12th, I wanted to do either NDA specially Air Force or IIT. At that time, one of my uncle said that if I would clear the written exam of NDA then he would get me through the SSB and since then I was no more interested in Defense. I thought if one can get in Defense like this then I am not interested. Then started the IIT era though as per my parent's wish I took admission in Ramjas College in Delhi University but I was never interested in B.Sc (General) so I left the college after completing first year.

I also got a fine rank in AIEEE at that time as per my native state but I did not take any interest as according to my relatives, I could easily get a nice branch in a Government Engineering College. But I was only interested in IIT for whatever reason :)

After that, I enrolled in FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh to get into IIT but I could not crack it (for whatever reason) and as I am from a middle class family so couldn't dare to prepare again. As per my rank in IP university, I could get admission in newly opened colleges at that time though they were asking for donation (once a college asked for that, I didn't think of visiting any other college) and now their students come to me so that I can teach them computers as they are not satisfied whatever their faculties teach them. Many colleges in IP university are seriously playing with the future of students though it is not their fault as they are running a business sort of things and parents should need to take care of their child's admission & career.

So, after that I took admission in Anand Engineering College under UPTU (I took Mechanical Engineering there as computer was my passion and I thought of doing ME professionally) which was another disastrous step in my life as the faculties were not upto the mark in the college and I was least interested in their teaching style. There were many other drawbacks in the college which I may cover sometime later as this page is not for any educational institute though I would suggest to skip it as your choice. Many of my friends who did complete their engineering from there are sill starving for a stable career. After 1 year, I had to leave the college and then I made up my mind to go for correspondence course along with a job so that I can get practical experience instead of just getting bookish knowledge. Yup, I decided to make my passion as my career and everything. I am glad, I took the extreme right step.

I started an integrated BCA-MCA course from IGNOU with a job in CitiFinancial, later on I moved to support industry of Computers as finance wasn't my domain and got enough of hands on experience in fixing home computers. Later on, I transformed my experience and daily computing to a blog Experts Galaxy, which is widely read now all over the world and along with it I own around 35+ domains. Sooner or later, all my domains would be up and running.

I kept on playing with computers, learning a loads of things be it anything related to it. Later on when I moved to a profile of Backup and Recovery of Servers then I decided to complete many of my pending courses which were always there in my to do list like learning Microsoft Server with Exchange, Linux (I am a Red Hat Certified guy and just 4 more training and certificates would get me a certificate of Red Hat Certified Architect though can't say when I make up my mind to do that but for sure as I hope so), basic networking like CCNA though my primary aim now is to get CCIE Security as early as possible.

My practical journey of Computers keep going on and I daily learn something new about the mini box. I am almost done with my MCA and planning to take admission in part time M.Tech as I already keep playing with the subjects in it moreover I would appear for GATE and once again will try to get in IIT (This time with a clear vision as why I actually want to get in). I may also go abroad to pursue MS in Cyber Security or Artificial Intelligence though it all depends upon the scenarios.

According to my experience in computing, I strongly believe that either you should go for IIT or better opt for IGNOU's BCA-MCA integrated course, at least at undergraduate level which is approved by AICTE and get some practical knowledge along with it by working in computing sector instead of wasting your time in so many private colleges available in Delhi & NCR.

In my to do list there are four certificates from Red Hat though I may switch to Debian anytime (Earlier, I was interested in RHCSS but now the certifications are no more available), a CCIE Security and atleast a VCP from VMware along with few bonus certifications like CEH & CISSP. I won't also mind getting an M.Tech along with Ph.D in Computer Science as for me its only about Computers as my passion, interest, hobby or whatever you can think of.

So, in total quite a practical learning experience and I would strongly suggest you that not to waste your or your dear-ones precious time in useless private engineering colleges where everything from admission till the examination result can be purchased. As there is no use of such knowledge specially in computing where even a 12th pass can get in Google if he/she has the knowledge.

Till now, I have seen many ups and downs in my life if not all and gained too much real life experience. For myself, I am the best example of never give up and that is why I love the quote "Rise of the Fallen". If you have any query, question about your career, job or whatever related to Computers then feel free to ask using the comment form below and I would love to answer it as per my availability.